Optical fiber sensors and interrogators

Your issues:

  • Reliability of a measurement in an extreme environment (cryogenic, ATEX, reduced space, remote measurement at several kilometers, underground, wetlands)
  • Detect and locate a thermomechanical event on a big linear (railways, pipelines, power lines, tunnels, roads) thanks to distributed measurement technology
  • Integrate the measuring device in a non-intrusive way into the elements of the structure (smart structures, smart composites)
  • Perform a remote and economical measurement (autonomous low-power wireless acquisition, use of fiber optic networks)

Our solutions:

  • Punctual Fiber Optic Sensor Instrumentation (Bragg gratings, Fabry-Perot interferometers, Michelson interferometers)
  • DTS technology (Distributed Temperature Sensing) to monitor the temperature over very long distances thanks to the Raman effect
  • DSS technology (Distributed Strain Sensing) to monitor distortion over very long distances thanks to the Brillouin effect
  • DAS technology (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) to listen along a very long distance fiber thanks to the Rayleigh effect
  • Development of LoRa-type acquisition cards with very low energy consumption
  • Realization of mechanical sensors using vibrating rope technology
  • Realization of human-machine interfaces for DCAS  (Data Control and Acquisition System) instrumentation and integration in an industrial environment

Our added value:

  • Our recognized expertise in optical acquisition chain, associated metrology and advanced technology
  • The adaptability of our technologies to a specific industrial application
  • Our competitive track record in terms of partnership innovation (6 application patents)
  • Our ability to process and interpret the data acquired
  • The robustness, reliability and long-term stability of our measurement solutions (25 years for fiber optic sensors, 50 years for vibrating wire sensors)

They trust us